Shodan Cheat Sheet

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Shodan’s a search engine which helps find systems on the internet. It’s a great resource to provide passive reconnaissance on a target or as a measuring tool for how widespread a configuration or device is.

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Basic Search Filters

port: Search by specific port
net: Search based on an IP/CIDR
hostname: Locate devices by hostname
os: Search by Operating System
city: Locate devices by city
country: Locate devices by country
geo: Locate devices by coordinates
org: Search by organization
before/after: Timeframe delimiter
hash: Search based on banner hash
has_screenshot:true Filter search based on a screenshot being present
title: Search based on text within the title


Webcamxp instances in the US
webcamxp country:"US"

Cisco devices in New York
cisco city:"New York"

Unsecured Linksys Webcams with screenshots in the search query
title:"+tm01+" has_Screenshot:true

Additional filters through REST and Streaming API

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